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Majanja Luseno and Company AdvocatesThe firm does bring into existence “a get to know your File” concept of practice in dealing with its clients.  This new concept does empower the client whom the firm recognizes that he is knowledgeable, to have a personalized feel of the tailored remedy he seeks the firm to avail to him.

The concept does move away from the traditional perception of secrecy between the client and his advocate which secrecy does as it were negate the very essence of this very good relationship.

The Firm seeks to tailor legal remedies for specific clients’ brief. This imports practical and client based solutions while distinctively and boldly upholding the rule of law.

Our client policy is based on professionalism. At Majanja Luseno the entire staff is committed to providing personalized and dedicated service. We work closely with our clients in order to meet their needs and objectives.

  1. When a client or prospective client first meets us we seek to establish the full Terms of Engagement which sets out the basis on which we will work for the client. The Terms covers such areas as fees, payments, complaints, document handling and professional standards.
  2. We will give the client an indication of the legal issues to be resolved in their matter and the scope of our advisory work.
  3. Upon acceptance of instructions, we open a client file which is used for all correspondence, accounting, information and retrieval purposes. Clients are requested to ensure that the file reference is quoted on all correspondence with the firm.
  4. We keep clients informed as to the progress of their matter. We stay in touch by telephone, fax and letter. We send clients copies of relevant correspondence, pleadings and documents so that they are fully involved in the process. In this way, clients have an opportunity to see how we are handling their work and to work with us in resolving matters expeditiously and cost effectively.                                                        
  5. We expect our clients to call us at any stage to discuss progress in a matter and seek clarification on any issue. There is always a line of communication open so that in case the lawyer handling the matter is not available, the secretary can refer the call to another lawyer who can help or take a message.
  6. For deliveries, we have messengers who deliver documents within the Nairobi area during work hours. For international deliveries that are urgent or confidential, we use reputable firms of couriers. Most overseas mail unless routine, is sent by fax with a confirmation copy in the mail.
  7. We work Mondays to Fridays 8.00 A.M to 5.00 P.M. However, our lawyers usually work outside these hours and can on appointment be contacted outside these hours.
  8. We are always willing to discuss our work with a client and listen to suggestions as to how we can improve our services.
  9. We will usually discuss with clients at a very early stage the legal costs likely to be ascertained with a particular matter.
The firm does, for efficiency, have Departments which largely deal with specific concerns of its clients.
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